Epic fights in mutiplayer or solo

Dive into the heart-pounding action of our latest FPS game, where chaos meets strategy in the electrifying multiplayer or solo mode! Get ready to experience the pure adrenaline of our virtual reality FPS. The thrill of the battle awaits, ready for you to explore! Boldness and strategy make the difference on the battlefield!


Virtual reality only

Forge alliances with your teammates and coordinate strategic maneuvers to outsmart your opponents. Communication is key as you navigate through intricate maps, each offering unique challenges and tactical opportunities. Team up or go down – the choice is yours!

Key features

16 players Bot System 4 teams
Challenge yourself in frenetic multiplayer matches where you can face up to 16 players. Gather your friends to create teams or go it alone to triumph over your opponents. ShadowStorm gives you the chance to fight smart AI bots. Perfect for training or for exciting solo or multiplayer games. Team Deathmatch with four teams battling for supremacy. Coordinate strategies and dominate the battlefield in this adrenaline-fueled FPS experience. Only the strongest team will emerge victorious.

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